SEO for Business Websites

How Do Others Know Your Business?

The business that you run today is not necessarily a business that only has one in the world. It could be that there are many businesses out there that offer products/services that are similar to yours, making it difficult for you to be known and known by others. But don’t worry, you can use the best SEO service of SEO for pressure washers so your products/services can be known by the public.

Use long keywords or long-tail keywords to encourage the existence of your website and business known to the public. Long-tail keyword searches are commonly used by internet users who search when they are at a point that is approaching the decision to transact.

You will easily get a ranking for long-tail keywords compared to keywords that are already common. Another advantage of focusing on the long tail is that, although these keywords are rarely searched for, visitors who find your website are more likely to buy your product.

How to Optimize Website SEO

Here are some ways to optimize your website so that it is SEO friendly:

1. Keyword Selection and Placement

If you use the wrong keywords, the search engines or consumers will not be able to find you. Choose keywords that match the products/services you offer. Then paste these keywords in the important sections of your website below:

  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Body content
  • URL
  • Image filename
  • Directory names/subfolders
  • Menu navigation
  • URL and filename

Create your website URL with a name that is easy to read and remember, both by users and search engine robots.

For example, if you have a leather shoes product category page, then name the URL that is easy to read, such as Don’t use naming that is difficult to understand like Naming the URL is not recommended, in addition to not being very SEO friendly, naming like this also makes it difficult for users to read your URL.

This also applies to images that you upload to the website, avoid naming them with numbers like ‘1231923819283.jpg. Instead, try making it like ‘pressurewash.jpg. This does seem trivial, but it is very important to note because basically search engines like Google can only recognize images from the file name only.

2. SEO Friendly Navigation

Having SEO friendly navigation means to create a structure that can be followed by search engines. The reason, the main cause of search engines cannot find a website address is because website links turn into images, not text. So, make sure all the links and buttons you have are text-based.

3. Pictures on the Website

The role of images in SEO is often ignored, even though images have a big enough share. You have to optimize the images on the website so that they can be opened quickly.

Adjust and adjust the size of the images on your website so that mobile device users with low internet speeds can still access the website and images. The optimal image size is around … Read More..