Casino Loyalty Programs: How They Work, How To Win Rewards

Casino players get rewarded for playing casino games consistently. This is something that many non-gamblers don’t know about the casino industry.

These rewards come in the form of loyalty and bonus programs. Almost every casino on the planet, whether physical or online, offer these types of rewards programs. And the rewards are not only offered to veteran casino visitors but newcomers to the casino are often rewarded as well.

So, who exactly qualifies for these rewards then? Is it just everyone who visits the casino, or do you need to meet certain requirements and be a high roller? Well, as the name suggests, these casino rewards will be given out to players who meet certain, pre-determined criteria.

This article will take you through a few of the most popular casino loyalty and rewards programs. We will also discuss how players can earn certain rewards, and how they can claim their rewards once they’re entitled to it.

Let’s jump straight into it!

Loyalty Points Bonus Programs

This type of rewards program is rather self-explanatory. Basically, if you’re a loyal customer of a casino, whether the online version or the land-based version, you will be rewarded with loyalty points.

These points can be used to play more games, or redeemed for actual money, in some cases. The more games that you play with a certain casino, the more loyalty points you will receive.

In some instances, these loyalty points can even be used for discounts on casino meals, or airline fares (depending on if the casino is partnered with an airline sponsor).

All-in-all, the loyalty programs offered by casinos are no different from the loyalty rewards programs offered by many other businesses. They work in much the same way, and they don’t do anything to break the norm.

You can often check your account with a casino to see how many loyalty points you have accrued. Speak to casino management or a helpline to understand what you can spend your loyalty points on.

Tier-Based Rewards

Tier-based rewards at a casino are also quite a common form of rewards program. They offer players different tiers for their casino status, depending on how much money they spend on average per night at the casino.

Players who spend more get placed into a higher tier. Each tier comes with its own benefits and claims. Players in the highest tiers often get preferential treatment when waiting for games, claiming chips, and more.

VIP Rewards Program

VIP rewards are much like tier-based rewards or loyalty rewards, except it is reserved for extreme high-rollers. This class of customer may be a celebrity, in which case the casino will immediately grant them VIP status.

Players and patrons who tend to spend exorbitant amounts of money enjoying the pokies online NZ offers, or who tend to spend lots of time at the casino, are granted VIP status.

This may include entrance to high-profile casinos and poker games. It may also allow players to skip lines, enter secluded game rooms, and get access to games that aren’t on the regular casino floor.