Best Position to Install Surveillance Camera

Not every area of ​​your home can be the best position to install a surveillance camera. There are some spots that actually cover the scope of the surveillance camera image, areas that you don’t need to monitor, or maybe these points are not strategic for a surveillance camera to install.

Installation is also based on the needs of the homeowner. For example, installing Wisconsin security systems in the back area of ​​the house because the backyard has a collection of expensive birds worth millions, or wanting to install it in the garage because there is a collection of expensive bicycles.

Well, we will provide some recommendations for the best positions for you to install surveillance cameras. Anything? Immediately see the explanation below!

1. Garage

Motorized vehicles such as cars and motorcycles are valuable items that you must take care of and protect their safety. If you install car insurance to keep the original shape, then install a surveillance camera in the garage to keep your favorite car safe.

Many irresponsible individuals target motorized vehicles to be stolen and even damaged for personal gain. Installing surveillance cameras in the garage area can maximize security against your vehicle, it can also monitor suspicious activities in the garage area.

2. Front Door

In addition to the garage, the second strategic area for installing surveillance cameras is the front door. This area is a crucial area where residents and guests enter the house. By installing surveillance cameras in the area, you can find out who enters and leaves the area of ​​the house.

You can mount the surveillance camera at a certain height so that nothing can damage or reach the surveillance camera directly. If you have a multi-storey house, then install a surveillance camera on the second floor with the camera pointing at the door of the house. Also, install a metal shield around the surveillance camera to prevent people from damaging your surveillance camera.

3. Back Door

If the front door is easy to access for guests and family members, the back door is generally only the residents of the house who know. However, you can still install surveillance cameras in this area to maximize surveillance and security against people you don’t know breaking through the house.

You can install a back door surveillance camera like a front door, with the addition of a metal shield around the camera.

4. Kids Room

In addition to the home area, you can also install surveillance cameras for the children’s room area. When we are busy, it is not uncommon for us to not pay attention to children’s activities. Especially if the children are supervised by a housekeeper or babysitter. To make you feel calm, install a surveillance camera in the children’s room to monitor the activities of your little one.

5. Rear Window

Not only doors, you can also install surveillance cameras on the back window of the house which may be directly opposite the public road access. You can keep an eye on the possibility of people you don’t want breaking into the house through this section.

6. The Top of the Stairs

If you have a multi-storey house, then you can install a surveillance camera for the staircase area which the camera can capture almost the entire ground floor of the house. So, it is very possible for you to monitor the activities of all residents of the house at one time. Make sure the surveillance camera you are using is a wireless surveillance camera.

At this point it also allows the camera to monitor all the rooms on the ground floor. So you can see who enters and leaves each room. If there is a crime, then you can easily collect evidence in the form of recordings where the person committed a harmful crime.

7. Backyard or Back Gate

This section is generally directly opposite the public road access and is difficult to supervise. Install a surveillance camera facing a backyard point or back gate to keep an eye on any suspicious movement that might occur when you’re not keeping an eye on it. Place the surveillance camera at a point where the camera can see the entirety of your backyard or back gate.

Improving security in times like today is very mandatory for you to do. Especially if you store valuables or have minors that you cannot directly supervise. Install surveillance cameras and monitor live areas of the house to feel safe and comfortable.