Making Sure My Work is Original

I was assigned a research project at work not that long ago. I was not educated on the material at all, and I knew that I was in for a lot of research. I got started on it right away, and I took a lot of notes because I was visiting so many different websites to get the correct information. This research was very important for my career development, and I knew that I had to turn in some amazing research papers on it. I did a search for antiplagio before I even started to put my papers together because I needed to know that I was not merely changing up a few words here and there from someone else.

That is the problem when you have no personal knowledge or experience with something. You can only learn from reading what other people have shared on the subject, and I did not merely want to rearrange their words on paper. I wanted to present the facts, but I also wanted to have my own twist on them so it was not just refurbished material. I did learn a lot in my research, and I was able to start putting the words down on paper soon after finding a site that would make sure I was not plagiarizing someone else’s work.

This site explores websites all over the internet to compare what I wrote to these websites. If there was any danger of even a bit of similarity, this website would let me know that I had plagiarized something. I was really amazed that when I ran my articles through after I was done writing that it only found a couple of things that I needed to change into my own words. I am so thankful that I used this site because the article I turned in was amazing enough to get me my newest promotion!… Read More..

Utilizing a Rewording Tool to Amp Up Your Writing

Ever since I discovered the rewording tool, I have appeared to become a much better writer without actually changing my skills at all. If you are like me, you tend to use the same words over and over and over. Rewording tools act like a personal thesarus int that one can utilize the tool to replace a word with a synonymous one. They cnan also reword entire sections of texts for better comprehension to the reader, which also allows for the text to flow better. As am amateur writer, I believe it is imperative to utilize a software such as this because it greatly cuts down on editing time.

Conventional text editors (such as the ones found in microsoft word or google docs) typically only check for spelling and grammar. While this keeps text in order, it does nothing for the overall flow of the text. People who write novels rely on their writing to immerse a reader in an unfamiliar envirorment. Often times, paragraphs needs to be rewritten multiple times for the best flow and comprehension for a reader. This software can almost nearly take the place of a human editor, without the cost.

In the future, people will look back at us writting directly without help from computers, and pity us. Because what the calculator did to math is what rewording tools will do for english. While it is important for students to learn proper writing techniques, this will change the future of education. We today just have the technology to reword basic sentences and fix errors, but our technology is increasing at such a fast rate that it will soon be accessible by everyone. Becoming a amateur writer like myself will be much easier for anyone with a computer and a dream. Good writing does not only have to be produced by professionally trained english majors.… Read More..

Creating Surveys for Optimal Results

Are you looking for ways to do some research, but don’t know how to go about it? Are you concerned that you aren’t going to receive good answers? What site should you use to create your survey s? Well, there are many options out there. There are websites to help you create the exact type of questions you need in order to get the answers that you are looking for.

There are easy ways of doing this and hard ways of doing this. In order to optimize the answers your receive for your requests for information and form questions in a way that is easy for others to understand how to answer, you must choose your site or sites carefully. Some sites will allow you to easily ask your questions within or without a targeted demographic. Others allow you to ask question for anyone to answer. It is all going to depend on what your needs are and the type of people you are looking to answer those questions effectively. Depending on the level of effort needed or knowledge required to answer the questions to your surveys, you must think carefully about what type of specific results you are testing. Also, sites all have different costs, which can depend on how many questions you want answered, how many respondents are needed, and the level of answer you want. For example, do you want written evaluations? How about bullet points? Maybe you want multiple choice or fill in the blank. Want to add a game to your survey? Many sites can do that too. Different types of questions are often going to cost you different amounts, so this is something you will want to consider when choosing which site you want to work with. This may end up including multiple websites, depending on your needs and what is offered and/or available on each site. Good luck!… Read More..